Asad Tahir

Partner/Rail Director / UK & EUROPE

Asad Tahir is the founder of ATCN, since its inception in 2017. In 2020, he decided to share the responsibilities of building up the company and decided to go into a partnership. He is now a partner of the business and a director. He currently leads the rail operations and is responsible for providing executive leadership to the company and managing its growth. He has over ten years of private and public sector experience in the design and project management of infrastructure projects throughout UK.Committed to sustainable revenue growth and client management, Asad’s passion is developing new work and driving strategic initiatives. He builds and maintains strong client relationships by establishing a clear understanding of expectations and maintaining open and honest communications. Asad is dedicated to developing a diverse, global community that is empowered to design with community in mind. He is an advocate for sustainability and is currently pioneering an innovative drainage management solution that will prevent flooding instances within critical infrastructure, such as within Rail, Residential, Commercial and Highway sectors. ATCN believes in a sustainable, responsible, and a just society that ranks the interrelation of community building and climate action, and Asad delivers on these values by supporting an innovative, forward thinking, and flexible leadership team.